How to Prevent Your Car From Being Stolen

You can find no two ways about this, cars cost a lot of money and the majority of people put a lot of time, effort and work to their cars. They certainly don’t want somebody else to drive away in it. Here are several of the best ways to deter potential thieves.

1. Should your car isn’t out on the street and is safely tucked up in your garage then it is much safer, input it in the garage – car thieves roam the streets so. It could entail renting garage space if you live within the city which incurs extra expense but it is an effective way of keeping your car safe.


2. Look after your car or truck – a well cared for car is less likely to be targeted by thieves. Why? Should you obviously have a pride with your car and keep it neat and well maintained there’s a very good chance that you’ll have some sort of security alarm fitted, well.

3. Should you don’t come with an actual alarm a blinking LED alarm sticker might be enough of a deterrent against thieves, get an LED alarm sticker – even. They won’t know whether an authentic alarm is fitted or not.

4. Don’t leave valuables on view – leaving valuables in clear view can be very tempting for car thieves. Should you saw an automobile with an old blanket about the back seat and next to it an auto with an Laptop, handbag, iPod and a GPS navigation system which do you consider is the most very likely to attract the interest of a grabber” and “smash, think it over -.

5. Locking the doors – okay, it may seem like an obvious solution but you’ll be surprised at how many people leave leaving their car doors unlocked. Car thieves will be only too happy to benefit from such a generous owner – one who leaves the doors unlocked; it’s kind of like leaving an invitation.

6. Drive a car with manual transmission – the statistics demonstrate that cars with manual transmission are less likely to be stolen that automatics. Why? Should they can’t drive it how on earth are they going to be able to steal it, because lots of American people can’t drive by using a stick shift and?


7. Take the controls with you – if you think it’s a bit extreme then you better think again. Nobody can drive your car or truck away without a steering wheel would they? If your controls has a quick release hub then take it off and accept it with you – or at least hide it in the trunk out from sight.


8. Park your car or truck in a safe neighborhood – if your car is parked in an area which has a high crime rate there is a higher likelihood of it being stolen or broken into. If possible park in neighborhoods which are section of the neighborhood watch scheme, make an effort to choose areas with good lighting and. Always try and park in well lit areas of parking lots; this is safer for that car and safer for your driver going back to it after dark.

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