See If Koenigsegg One:1 is the world’s fastest production car


Its odd name signifies a one-to-one power-to-weight ratio. To put it differently, the turbocharged V8 engine generates 1,360 horsepower in a car that weighs 1,360 kilograms.

Koenigsegg calls it the world’s first “mega car” because it produces more than one megawatt of power (a megawatt equals 1,341 horsepower). The company says the One: 1 can reach a “simulated top speed” of 273 miles per hour. If this really can go that fast, it will be the fastest production car in the world.

Its body and chassis are made of a new form of carbon fiber that is 20 percent lighter compared to what was used on previous Koenigseggs. Further weight is saved by using 3D printing technology to make certain parts, such as the turbo housings and titanium exhaust tip.

Normally The One: 1 has movable wings on the front and rear designed to increase downforce at higher speeds and during braking. The car has so much grip that it can pull 2 G’s while cornering. That’s about twice exactly what a “normal” sports car can do.

Only six instances of the Koenigsegg One: 1 will be built. All have already been spoken for already.

The One: 1 will reportedly cost about 30 percent more than the Koenigsegg Agera R, which goes for more than $1.5 million.