How to Prevent Your Car From Being Stolen

You can find no two ways about this, cars cost a lot of money and the majority of people put a lot of time, effort and work to their cars. They certainly don’t want somebody else to drive away in it. Here are several of the best ways to deter potential thieves.

1. Should your car isn’t out on the street and is safely tucked up in your garage then it is much safer, input it in the garage – car thieves roam the streets so. It could entail renting garage space if you live within the city which incurs extra expense but it is an effective way of keeping your car safe.


2. Look after your car or truck – a well cared for car is less likely to be targeted by thieves. Why? Should you obviously have a pride with your car and keep it neat and well maintained there’s a very good chance that you’ll have some sort of security alarm fitted, well.

3. Should you don’t come with an actual alarm a blinking LED alarm sticker might be enough of a deterrent against thieves, get an LED alarm sticker – even. They won’t know whether an authentic alarm is fitted or not.

4. Don’t leave valuables on view – leaving valuables in clear view can be very tempting for car thieves. Should you saw an automobile with an old blanket about the back seat and next to it an auto with an Laptop, handbag, iPod and a GPS navigation system which do you consider is the most very likely to attract the interest of a grabber” and “smash, think it over -.

5. Locking the doors – okay, it may seem like an obvious solution but you’ll be surprised at how many people leave leaving their car doors unlocked. Car thieves will be only too happy to benefit from such a generous owner – one who leaves the doors unlocked; it’s kind of like leaving an invitation.

6. Drive a car with manual transmission – the statistics demonstrate that cars with manual transmission are less likely to be stolen that automatics. Why? Should they can’t drive it how on earth are they going to be able to steal it, because lots of American people can’t drive by using a stick shift and?


7. Take the controls with you – if you think it’s a bit extreme then you better think again. Nobody can drive your car or truck away without a steering wheel would they? If your controls has a quick release hub then take it off and accept it with you – or at least hide it in the trunk out from sight.


8. Park your car or truck in a safe neighborhood – if your car is parked in an area which has a high crime rate there is a higher likelihood of it being stolen or broken into. If possible park in neighborhoods which are section of the neighborhood watch scheme, make an effort to choose areas with good lighting and. Always try and park in well lit areas of parking lots; this is safer for that car and safer for your driver going back to it after dark.

At Costa Mesa Dodge there’s an excellent selection of new and used cars available for purchase. Go to check out their latest deals and offers to see what they have available suitable for you. Go online at to see for yourself. Remember to follow these few tips to keep your new motor as safe as possible from car thieves. Why would you work hard to cover a nice new motor for them to take it away for free?

The Awesome Thing About The SRT Challenger Hellcat


I like the Challenger. It’s the very last of the true muscle cars. It knows precisely one trick, which would be to go like hell inside a straight line. Chrysler’s near giving the car a serious update, and spy photographers nabbed a few shots of the machine.

KGP Spy Photography

Behold the SRT Challenger Hellcat. There’s a supercharged 6.4-liter V8 under that bescooped hood, which should help the old boat keep pace with younger metal such as the Mustang GT500 and Camaro ZL1. Add in those saucy bronze wheels against this car’s silver paint, and I’m weak kneed. Stay tuned for additional information.

Kelsey Motorette Goes To Connecticut to Essen


This week ‘Essen’ will be the buzz word as there it is the location where the action is. Twelve halls and several outdoor courts filled with maybe a thousand classics. Plus clubs, automobilia, parts and dealers a big classic auction by Coys and more. A first stop after entering and after passing BMW Tradition is Germany’s largest classic car dealer Thiesen who traditionally is ‘camping’ in Hall 10, while Fusco Automobile and Altena Classic & Rally Service are very nearby. For those thinking about more high-end classics Hall 6 the 1st next stop. Here we find our friends of Hyman Ltd that are the only american dealer using the trouble to cross the important pond. This current year presenting a 1911 Kelsey Motorette, built-in Connecticut USA. It’s not the first time a Kelsey is outside the USA as we understand they were exported to Europe and even Japan back then. At the stand of Bruno Vendiese and Jack Braam Ruben you will find a minimum of a Bugatti T57 Ventoux. Another Bugatti T57 is de Atalante Cabriolet conversion presented by Coupe from Madrid. Classic Motorcars Holland will roll in a 1931 Bentley Speed Six. By bringing a very rare 1930 straight eight Röhr convertible Limousine, christoph Grohe finally will try to satisfy the German oriented customers.

Moving Up and On After a Family Dissolution

Whether it’s from the tragedy of a divorce, an untimely death, or even a more happy occasion such as children going on to university, many times folks are faced with a big change in the dimensions of their family. If it’s the break up of a marriage, you’re going to realize that there is less income, there is less requirement for bigger things, and you may be struggling to determine what you can do to move successfully on to your next chapter of your life. Many individuals have been in this particular position before and there are certain things that really allow you to move on that may not be apparent to you immediately. That’s the only real good news. Follow this advice for moving on.

1. Get rid of Cable


One expense that could add up big time and cause unnecessary stress has normal cable on your TV. The thing about cable is it’s really a thing of the past. So that you can see all your favorite shows, and the idea of having to be on your couch at 8, no longer would it be needed: 00 Eastern time just to watch a certain show or sporting event is additionally something that’s gone by. If not much more, also, it’s an expense that can be upwards of $100 monthly. So you’ll save money, you can view your shows on the internet, and you also won’t have that tempting time waster available and you’re more likely to go out and meet new people and move on.

2. Trade in the Mini Van


Yet another thing you will will no longer need is a huge car, similar to a minivan or SUV, mainly because it will simply be you on the way to the Trader Joe’s, and also you won’t require the large capacity vehicle like you once did. You might think about getting something much smaller, and more hip, like the Fiats that are pretty new to this side in the pond. You can see them at long beach fiat and you might be surprised how good they will easily fit in with your new way of life. , right after a traumatic break, it’s nice to get new stuff that don’t immediately remind you of the loved one you lost or broke with.Also and psychologically Look at Fiats online at

3. Get Out and Do


You are employed to coming home and just chilling around the house, because that’s the nucleus of your own social life, your family, when you’re have and married been for some time. However, when that changes, a lot of people get overwhelmed by loneliness and never knowing what to do with their lives and how to fill the endless time. The very best thing you can do is just that: do. Don’t just stay at home with all the TV. Get out and join a club, such as a political organization, a church or synagogue, or anything else with a few like-minded folks who can help turn your boring life into one packed with others, and conversation. You’ll be amazed simply how much just getting and motivating out of the house may help turn that mood around.

The Mystery With Going Back To Work


An intriguing shot sent to us by Jaap ‘Bugatti’ Horst. Not often we see period photos of cars in tatty condition. Or carry out the home made front wings have a special purpose except for hiding the radiator for us? From what we see of the bonnet we think it may be a round radiator; French car? Will be the driver/mechanic a military chauffeur perhaps?

Chicago Auto Show Witnesses 2014 Chevrolet


GM revealed the 2014 Chevrolet Cruze Turbo Diesel version at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show.

Chevrolet is entering the U.S. and Canadian diesel car markets this summer with the Cruze featuring the cleanest diesel passenger car engine General Motors has ever produced. Clean diesels generate at least 90 percent less Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) and particulate emissions when compared to previous-generation diesels.

Built inLordstown and Ohio, the 2014 Cruze Clean Turbo Diesel delivers a combination of segment-leading features and efficiency. Based on GM testing, the Cruze Clean Turbo Diesel has demonstrated estimated best-in-segment range and 42 mpg on the highway with spirited performance and the durability diesel owners value around the globe.

The compact sedan’s new 2.0L turbo-diesel engine produces segment-leading estimated 148 bhp and estimated 258 lb-ft torque with -60 performance of 8.6 seconds, which is better than the Volkswagen Jetta TDI automatic and competitive with German diesel cars that dominate the U.S. market.

Cruze Clean Turbo Diesel’s emissions will be below stringent U.S. environmental standards including Tier 2 Bin 5 emissions standards.

With a starting price at $25,695, including a $810 destination charge (excludes license, title and tax and dealer fees) Cruze Clean Turbo Diesel comes with a six-speed automatic transmission, four-wheel antilock disc brakes, 3.20 final drive ratio, 140-amp alternator, 800 cold-cranking amps battery, 17-inch alloy wheels, ultra-low-rolling resistance all-season tires, rear spoiler, Aero Performance leather and Package-appointed seating.

Other standard features include Chevrolet’s infotainment system MyLink, a two-year maintenance plan, and a five-year 100,000 mile powertrain warranty.

GM has sold nearly 2 million Chevrolet Cruze models globally since it was launched in mid-2010. GM produced more than half a million small diesel-engine cars across South, Asia, Europe and Africa America last year, including Cruze. In Europe, approximately 40 percent of Cruze models are diesel-powered.

Three Necessities For Your Beach Bonfire


One of several great things about living near a beach is the ability to step out onto the sand a possess a bonfire every so often. On those nights where it is a little chilly, although not outright freezing, a bonfire can be a terrific way to spend time with friends and enjoy being outside. Listed below are a couple of things that you must must do you bonfire right.

1. A Portable Speakers

A Bluetooth speaker or similar portable sound system is crucial for any beach bonfire to be able to make sure you possess some entertainment. You are pretty much certain to have music of some type with you on your phone. The great thing is that the prices of great sounding speakers have really dropped, together with the size. Now you must a speaker that holds a charge for hours which fits easily to your purse.

2. A Quality Cooler

Whether you are selecting beer or soda, possessing a good cooler is an essential for the bonfire. You can pretty much go as big or as small as you want. One important thing you may want to consider is getting one of the newer designs of cooler that come with a handle and wheels. It will make it way simpler to get your cooler to the site of your bonfire.

3. A Jeep


If you have one thing that you need above all else should you be doing lots of bonfires, it is actually a Jeep, for example the Wrangler from jeep san juan capistrano. The Wrangler has the perfect size along with the handling you will need for driving right on the beach where it is allowed, meaning that you are able to take all your equipment along with you up to where bonfire is going to be. Schedule you test drive today at

Here Are The Things You Need To Know With Drag Racing Basics


Drag racing is all about wringing the maximum acceleration out of the car. Basically an effective drag race tournament consists of a series of two-car eliminations in a all-out acceleration contest from the standing start between two vehicles over an exact distance at a special drag racing track.

Drag racing facilities are outfitted with “Christmas Tree” lights, and the standard distance is often either a quarter-mile (1,320 feet) or an eighth-mile (666 feet). Competing vehicles are split into a variety of classes, with specific rules that determine eligibility based on sort of car and modifications allowed. In addition to the regular “heads-up” races where both cars begin together, there are handicapped races, known as “E.T. Bracket Racing,” where two vehicles of varying performance can race on a potentially even basis. The anticipated elapsed times for each vehicle are compared, with the slower car getting a head start equivalent to the difference of the two. With this system, any two vehicles could be paired in a competitive race.

In professional category racing, the “Christmas Tree” lights control the most significant aspect of the race-the launch. The very first row of yellow lights warns drivers as they slowly approach the starting line. The second row confirms the “staged” position, which is once the front wheels of the car should be stopped on the starting line because it crosses the staged sensor beam. Then come the “three-amber starting system” lights. ” these three amber floodlights in a driver’s lane flash almost simultaneously before the green light comes on, in a “pro start. In a regular handicap race, drivers have a countdown of merely one amber light at a time until the green light comes on. The pro start system runs using a .4-second distinction between green and amber lights, whilst the handicap system runs having a .5-second distinction between each of the bulbs. As the green light switches on, the race begins along with the timer is started. The timer stops only once the car crosses the finish line at the opposite end of the track, with time and trap speed recorded. In case the last red light switches on, the driver is disqualified. This is caused by a car leaving the starting line before the green light comes on, or staging too deep past the starting line.

Drag Racing Basics 2

There are techniques to gain an advantage even before the light goes green. Remove all excess weight and loose items, including spare tire, hubcaps, jack and CDs beer cases and in many cases excess gasoline in the gas tank. Now deal with your tires. Firstly, dial out any negative camber in your suspension setup, that may be done at any alignment shop should you don’t learn how. This gives you optimum grip from your tires. Secondly, ditch those 18-inch rims with those stiff low-profile tires, and slap on your old stock 15-inch wheels rich in-profile tires. This will likely absorb the original jolt whenever you launch, and lower tire spin and wheel hop. When you are really serious, you could replace your tires with some drag racing slicks at the strip.

As soon as the starter waves you in the staging area, proceed slowly. There is not any need to go throughout the water box-simply drive around it when you have street tires. Go ahead and idle with the water to obtain the slicks wet if you are running slicks. After wetting the tires, pull forward a couple of feet and do a burnout to heat up your tires.

When you pull-up at the line for staging, you can try your luck, or maybe your skill, to stage as far into the staged beam as you can. How you will stage has a large influence on things like your reaction time as well as final time.

Staging “shallow” means that your vehicle takes more hours to pass with the staged increases and light-weight your reaction time, assuming all other variables are constant. It lowers one last elapsed time, and increases your trap speed. This is because the timer doesn’t start the timer until the tire comes out of your starting line beam. At that time, your car is already moving, so you get a slight running start. If you are a lttle bit quicker in your reaction time and energy to make up the difference, this only gives you a plus over your opponent. To be honest, the race is won based on who crosses the finish line first, not your elapsed time. It’s possible to have a quicker time and still lose simply because you were late off the line. Shallow staging also permits a driver who leaves early or creeps forward a bit before the green light.

Another little even closer to the finish line, which is always an advantage, though “Deep” staging puts you at the edge of disqualification. Either because your car is a little jumpy off the line or you have trouble leaving on that last yellow, deep staging can help, in the event that you can’t get your reaction time down enough. In case you have large-diameter front tires, you most likely want to deep stage to reduce your rollout. If you car has hardly any ground clearance, pieces of the leading bodywork or suspension may also trigger the lights, but be aware that. Be sure that it is really your tire within the staged beam, and not your front chin spoiler.

So, in conclusion, shallow staging increases your reaction time, reduces your elapsed increases and time trap speed, while being the safe choice for beginners. Deep staging decreases your reaction time, increases elapsed time and reduces the final trap speed, putting you at the fringe of disqualification so it should be reserved for experienced racers.

That should cover the basics to getting ready for your personal drag run without heavy modifications to the car. There are other things that people do, like put ice on the air intake and such, but those are touchy subjects. And launching the car is another subject by itself. Have fun. For as little as $10, you can test your skills at a proper drag strip, while speeding to your heart’s content and keeping your behind out from jail.